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Last release (GTK+ 2): v1.0.5 (17-Mar-2024)
Development / maintenance (GTK+ 2): Git master
More or less functional GTK+ 3 port: Git gtk3 branch
Last release for GTK+ 1: v0.6.8 (25-Feb-2006)
The rest of this web site is mostly out of date.

Software Requirements

Optional, but recommended

For libc5 users

You need thread-safe X libraries. On a glibc2 system (RedHat >= 5.0, SuSE >= 6.0), this is no issue. But if you have a libc5 system and you get strange X I/O errors when starting ST, you need to get a special version of your X libraries -- you can download them here (299K). Install instructions are in the archive.

Hardware Requirements

A lot of people keep asking me what the optimum hardware configuration for using SoundTracker is. I've developed and used it on an AMD K5 @100MHz with 64MB RAM for a long time, even though 32MB might be sufficient as well. Later I've been running it on an AMD K6-2 @400MHz, with 128MB and a Creative Labs SoundBlaster 128 PCI. The sound card is quite good, even though Linux's es1370 driver apparently has some problems in full-duplex mode.

Win32 Porting

The source archive of v0.5.8 and later contains work done by Fabian Giesen on a Win32 port of SoundTracker. I did and could not integrate all his changes, because that would make the Unix version unusable. But most of the necessary code is there [especially the DirectSound output driver and the pipe() emulation], so compiling a Win32 version is just a matter of throwing together some Makefiles and doing some minor adjustments - see the ChangeLog if you want.

If anyone succeeds in making the necessary changes so that we have a source archive that compiles out-of-the-box on Win32 as well as on Unix, I would be delighted to receive appropriate patches!

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